Debt Management, Credit Cards Consolidation and Payment Plans

NOTE: If you planning on buying a home within 2 years, contact us BEFORE you seek
help to consolidate debts. Once you get into a debt consolidation program, it may not be possible to obtain a mortgage loan soon. We can help you to understand alternative options. Go to our Download Forms page and open forms 3 and 4.

If you own a home and there is a possibility that you may become late in your mortgage payment, even if it is a small possibility, do NOT go any further, contact us at 888-212-6741 for an appointment. consolidated credit card payments

If the information above, does not apply to you, continue reading.

ACCI has joined efforts with Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (DMCC) to help our clients with credit cards and other debts. DMCC is a nonprofit corporation with headquarters in Florida serving clients throughout the US. DMCC is approved by the PA Department of Banking to help residents of Pennsylvania. They are also approved by other states. If you have a number of credit card payments or credit cards, student loans, and other loans, you may benefit from a debt management plan (DMP) that will take your unsecured debts and will consolidate the payments into one easy monthly payment to pay those debts in 5 years or less. Also, you will make only one monthly payment. You will send a one monthly payment to DMCC and DMCC will disburse it to each of your creditors according to an agreed payment schedule. While enrolled in a DMP, most creditors cease their collection efforts, reduce interest rates, and report your account as current to the major credit bureaus. If this plan sounds good for you, please complete and submit the information below.

Since ACCI and DMCC are both non-profit organizations. DMCC agreed to discount the initial DMP one-time set-up fee for clients referred by our agency. The initial one time set-up fee regularly charged by others in Pennsylvania is at least $50. However, for ACCI’s clients, DMCC’s initial set up fees will be only $20. That represents a savings of $30 for ACCI’s clients.

Visit DMCC’s website at http://app.dmccinfo.org to fill out the form and a credit counselor from DMCC will contact you.