We are open to continue our mission. Most services will be offered remotely. New funding sources for Homebuyers, Renters, and Homeowners. Please read the information available on this website or contact us. You can send us your questions through the use of our Contact ACCI Webpage.

    HUD Grants, State and Local Grants, and Financial Help

    American Credit Counseling Institute Inc. (ACCI) is a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency.  ACCI is also commissioned by Pennsylvania Housing Counseling Agency (PHFA), from the state of Pennsylvania, to offer Housing Counseling services and Financial Assistance, including some grants, to residents of Pennsylvania who qualify.

    Always verify the credentials of any organization or business who offers you help.

    To verify our credentials, you can go to HUD’s or PHFA’s websites.
    At ACCI, we count on various sources of funding to offer you financial assistance. Some of our financial assistance options are the following:
    Rental Assistance: Assistance to pay back rent. The assistance is only for renters in the Montgomery County, PA.
    Down Payment Assistance; there are a few options: One is a flexible down payment assistance only for Home Buyers who plan to buy a home in the Norristown Borough. The others are for the entire state of Pennsylvania.
    For Homeowners: We have a few financial assistance programs available, some of which are grants. The American Rescue Plan of 2021, which we will refer to as PA-HAF, the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund (PHARE). We also offer assistance to complete applications for the HEMAP program and for Loan Modification Packages, among other services. Some possible financial assistance for homeowners includes the following
    Mortgage payments assistance
    Property Taxes and Homeowners Insurance (including Flood Insurance)
    Homeowners Association fees and Condo fees, and liens
    Utilities such as electric, gas, home energy and water. Also, Internet.
    Assistance for some Down Payment Assistance loans provided by Nonprofits or government entities
    Even balances on HEMAP loans may qualify
    Requirements apply and applications and documentation are required to evaluate each applicant’s situation.
    Above financial assistance options are in addition to our other services.