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When should I meet with a Financial Services Counselor?

money debt management counselingWhen should I meet with a counselor?

If your situation is similar to one of the following, you should not wait. Our counselors are trained to assist you in all of these areas. Contact us today to get started on your financial plan. We have offices located throughout Pennsylvania for your convenience.

  1. My income does not cover all of my monthly expenses.
  2. I do not keep track of my expenses or maintain a budget.
  3. I have not reviewed my credit report because I do not understand it.
  4. I do not understand the impact of my credit on purchasing a car, house, insurance or even getting a job.
  5. I regularly use credit cards to pay for necessities in order to stretch my paycheck.
  6. I am paying late fees and over the limit fees on my credit cards and I am not sure how to begin repayment.
  7. I am unsure of the financial requirements for buying a house and what mortgage terms I can afford.
  8. I live on a moderate, low or fixed income and can no longer afford my home.
  9. I am struggling to meet my mortgage payments, and I’m often paying late.
  10. I received a foreclosure notice and need assistance from an approved housing counseling agency.
  11. I am considering or was advised by an attorney to file bankruptcy.
  12. I was laid off, experienced a cut back in hours, or a medical problem that has decreased my income.
  13. I know of a situation that is going to change my finances, and need to plan for the future.
  14. I want to learn to deal with my financial situation and reduce debts.
  15. I have contacted American Credit Counseling Institute before for another issue and I’m not sure if more help is available.

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