We are open to continue our mission. Most services will be offered remotely. New funding sources for Homebuyers, Renters, and Homeowners. Please read the information available on this website or contact us. You can send us your questions through the use of our Contact ACCI Webpage.

Our Services

At American Credit Counseling Institute (ACCI), we offer a number of housing-related counseling and educational services.  We offer counseling and education for individuals who want to: 1) understand, establish, and/ or improve their credit, 2) learn about the process of buying a home and/or learn how to qualify, 3) save their homes from foreclosure, and 4) learn about money management and how to improve their spending habits in order to establish a balanced budget and/or to save money and/or to be able to pay their mortgages on time.

Below is some additional information about our services.
1.  Credit Education: we will spend time with you to discuss and analyze your credit history and will discuss options with the goal of improving your credit score. Repair is usually part of the strategies required and disputing wrong postings.  Improving your credit is a process and it requires time and discipline.  This program usually takes a few months and more than one session.  Some sessions may be held over the telephone, but we will need you to come to the office as well.  We schedule all appointments ahead of time and when you get to our office for your appointment, we take care of you immediately or within a few minutes of your arrival.  We will not make you wait.
2. Home-buying : the complex process of buying a home deserves education.  People often buy homes because they fall in love with them.  While it is great to buy that “dream home”, the dream may later become a nightmare.  Learning about the process, what to do to qualify, and what to know to make the best decision is vital for a successful outcome.  At the end of the home buyer’s program, you will receive a certificate that is required by a number of mortgage loans.
3. Home owners facing foreclosure or facing trouble paying their mortgages:  we can help you qualify for one or more of the available programs or will help you understand how to transition if there is no cure for your situation.  When you are facing financial difficulties and are late in your mortgage or about to become late, ignoring the situation is the worst path you can take.  You need to face it and take action.  Let us help you.
4. Money management:  with so much temptation out there and peer pressure, it is hard not to spend money.  Spending is not always bad, but spending your money is not always good either.  Learn to budget for your expenses and to spend wisely and based on your income.  Budgeting is an important skill, but needs to be developed and requires understanding and discipline.  This skill is necessary for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner, a renter, or a prospective home buyer, or you are still living with your parents or relatives but considering moving out, learning how to manage money is essential.

Our housing counselors are fully certified to provide you the best services.

We will need you to print, complete, and submit the form(s) for your particular program, and mail them to us along with copies of some documents, to prepare your program.  Download the questionnaire that applies to your particular situation and any additional form that may be needed from our website or contact us and we will email them to you.  Our forms can be downloaded by clicking at the tab labeled “Download Forms” from the top of our website homepage.

We encourage you to take immediate action so that we can schedule you soon.

If the services that you need are not within the categories mentioned above, please contact us with details about what do you need and we will try to refer you to an organization that may help you.