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Are You Considering Buying a Home?

If you are considering buying a home, congratulations.  Owning a home brings pride and stability to yourself and your family.  A home is also probably the most expensive purchase that a person does in his or her life.  Buying a home should be done only when you are prepared to be a home owner.  You are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in a home, be informed, get educated, and give yourself all the possible knowledge and tools before you do such a huge investment.

A well-educated person makes better decisions.  In the process of buying a home, a good decision may represent saving tens or hundred of thousands of dollars. 

You will also get a Home buyer’s pre-purchase certificate from us.

If you want to buy a home soon, go to our “Download Forms” page  to download form number 1 from the list.
Do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • What are the most important things to consider about the process of buying a home?
  • Who do you need to talk to and what questions to ask?
  • Where should you go to get answers to the most important questions?

If you do not have all the money to pay for the house in full, you need a mortgage loan.

  • Do you know what a mortgage loan is and what kinds of mortgage loans are available?
  • Do you know about your rights and what questions to ask when you are talking with a mortgage person?

Most houses for sale are under a listing contract with a real estate office.

  • Do you know about your rights and what questions to ask when you are talking with a real estate agent?

There are other questions you should ask yourself before you move into buying a home, like the ones below.

(1) How much would you qualify for?
(2) How much money would you need to have in your bank account?

There are a few options to contact us

(1) send an email to our Program Manager at msoto@americancci.org
(2) call our toll free number: 888-212-6741 or our Norristown office at 484-427-2229