We are open to continue our mission. Most services will be offered remotely. New funding sources for Homebuyers, Renters, and Homeowners. Please read the information available on this website or contact us. You can send us your questions through the use of our Contact ACCI Webpage.

ACCI Services Available for Pennsylvania Residents

Credit, Budget, and Housing Counseling in Pennsylvania

Debt Consolidation Assistance Pennsylvania

With today’s uncertain economy, individuals and families need access to professional advice and counseling to discuss financial and housing challenges. Our certified counselors have decades of experience with many situations and are happy to share, usually at no cost. We offer one on one interviews to analyze individuals or family’s particular situation and goals to help them come up with and understand possible solutions that will translate into positive outcomes. We also offer several different workshops.

Counseling Services Available through ACCI

ACCI offers confidential one-on-one counseling services with our certified housing counselors. Our counselors will carefully review your financial situation and will work together with you to create a personalized plan of action to help you re-claim your power over your financial situation. Our counseling services include the following.

Housing Counseling Services for Home Owners and Home Buyers:

  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Pre-closing for home buyers
  • Pre-foreclosure for homeowners
  • Pre-purchase (Home-buying education & counseling)

Money Management Counseling:

  • Credit and budget education & counseling
  • Credit understanding, analysis, & repair
  • Financial Fitness Education & Counseling
  • Money management counseling

Workshops for the following available through ACCI services:

  • Anti-predatory Lending Practices
  • Credit – Understanding Credit *
  • Pre-purchase (home buyers)
  • Home Buyer’s Pre-Purchase (home buyers)
  • Pre-closing (home buyers)
  • Financial Fitness Program

Educational Workshops: ACCI offers a range of workshops to raise financial literacy and to teach specific financial skills that benefits both you personally and the community as a whole.

* The Credit – Understanding Credit workshop requires that the person registers and submits a money order as a donation ahead of time. Call 888–212-6741 or 484-427-2229 (Spanish) for an appointment. You can call us or use our Contact ACCI to email us your questions.

**NEW** Home Buyers Certificate Training:

Are you determined to be a home owner? Do you dream to become a homeowner one day, but need to learn more about how to make your dream a reality? Would you like to become a home owner, but believe that it will never be possible? Do you want to qualify for one of the available grant or down payment assistance, but need a certificate? If you answer yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help you in our Norristown office. Please contact ACCI here to send us your information.

Servicios en Español:

Estamos ofreciendo el programa para nuevos dueños de hogares (como prepararse para comprar su casa) en Español. Vaya a nuestra una de nuestras páginas de contacto (**NEW** Home Buyers Training o Contact ACCI) para que nos envíe su información.
Ofrecemos nuestros otros servicios en Español. Llémenos al Sra. Mildred Soto-Ewing al 484-427-2229.

Important notes:

(1) Not all services are offered at all our offices. Go to Our Offices pages for more information.
(2) We do not charge clients for our counseling services, except for the fees associated with credit report for new home buyers and for our Credit (Understanding Credit) Workshop, please see our Fee Schedule page for more details.

*Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has a number of mortgage loans available. PHFA covers some expenses that our agency incurs into to offer pre-closing and other home-related education. The cost for credit reports are not covered by PHFA.

If you are still unsure if American Credit Counseling Institute’s services are right for you, please review our list of questions to determine whether you should see a counselor here.