ALERT – ALERT – CORONAVIRUS AND EMERGENCIES – We are not offering services at this moment.

Unfortunately, most of our funding ceased and we are not allowed to do remote services with our current funding. For programs, such as New Home Buyers, we are not authorized to do remote counseling. That is the same for HEMAP.
Until further notice, ACCI will not be able to offer services. Please stay safe. We hope to see you again soon.

Contact ACCI – página para comunicarse con ACCI

  • ACCI offers a number of financial education and housing counseling services to residents of Pennsylvania. Visit ACCI Services page for a list of our services. To contact us about our services or to ask us to contact you, please complete and submit the form below.

    In the Message block, indicate the service or services that you need from us and some pertinent information. For instance, if you need assistance because you are behind in your mortgage, please add some information in the message section, such as how many months are you behind or if it is that you are afraid you will be behind soon.

    Did you receive an Act 91 Notice or a Notice of Foreclosure?

    If you received an Act 91 Notice, please indicate so and provide the date of the notice inside the message block. An Act 91 is a legal notice to begin foreclosure process and you must take immediate action. The Act 91 Notice tells you that you have 33 days to see a certified Housing Counseling Agency to apply for the HEMAP program if you want to put a hold on the foreclosure process. You must call us immediately to schedule an appointment. Do not delay it. Call 888-212-6741 during business hours (9 am to 5 pm) to schedule your appointment. The toll free number is for our staff of appointment schedulers. Each office has a set of office hours based on the counselors availability and clients needs.

    If you prefer to contact us through our form below, please include the date of your Act 91 notice and a good email and telephone number. We will contact you within 48 hours.

    For some government loans, such as VA, you may not get an Act 91. However, they will still get a Notice of Foreclosure or some type of legal notice, such as an Act 6. Please contact us immediately because time is of the essence.

    We will not charge you for our services.

    Are you buying a home?

    If you are buying a home and the closing date is less than 4 weeks from now, please call us at 484-427-2229 immediately or send an email to our Program Manager at msoto@americancci.org and give us your estimated closing date. We prefer that you email us so that you can provide your name, telephone, email address, and residence address. When leaving a message please talk clearly and slowly and prevent background noises to ensure we correctly understand and translate the information.
    If you do not receive a reply to your email within 48 hours, contact our toll free number 888-212-6741 during working hours (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm).

    Please include the following information so that we may better assist you:
    Full Name, Phone Number (to contact you during working hours, cellular if you have one), a good email address, Your mailing address or City, Zip Code, and the reason(s) you are contacting ACCI today. If you are buying a property, include the closing date.
    Contact ACCI by Email here or send email to: msoto@americancci.org

  • ACCI ofrece un número de servicios. Para comunicarse con nosotros o pedirnos que nos comuníquemos con usted, por favor complete y envíenos la forma al final de esta página o llame a la Liz Malave o Mildred Soto al 484-427-2229. Si nos envía un correo electrónico, indique si desea hablar con alguien en Español e incluya los detalles de su caso y lo que necesita.

    Quiere ayuda con su crédito? Necesita establecer o mejorar su crédito? No espere más; comuníquese con nosotros al 267-401-0414. Hablamos Español.

    Quiere comprar casa y necesita aprender el proceso y detalles para hacer una buena decisión. No espere más; comuníquese con nosotros al 267-401-0414.Hablamos Español.

    Para servicios en Español, tenemos nuestra oficina de Norristown, a un bloque de la corte del condado de Montgomery, en el 603 Swede Street, donde nos llegan gente de todo el estado. Servimos gente de todas partes de Pennsylvania. Si se le hace difícil viajar a nuestra oficina, no se preocupe, gran parte del proceso lo podemos hacer por telefono. Tratamos de hacer todo lo posible para trabajar con su horario de trabajo.

    Comuníquese con nosotros al 267-401-0414. La mayoría de nuestros servicios son gratis. Para comprar casa y mejorar su crédito, solamente le pedimos que cubra el costo del reporte de crédito y/o alguna donación, si lo desea. No cobramos por las clases ni la educación y le damos un certificado de comprador de vivienda (Home buyer’s Certificate) al final de su programa el cual le sirve para muchos préstamos y ayudas financieras.

    Comuníquese con nosotros al 267-401-0414.

    Hablamos Español.

    Email ACCI